We are dedicated to helping our clients attract and retain talent through culture assessment and transformation.

A strong culture is one of the top reasons people join and stay with a company.  Employees that are happy at work will go the “extra mile”, which in turn creates shareholder value through increased productivity, creativity, and customer satisfaction. Kenna Consult offers multiple levels of engagement. We typically start all engagements with a culture assessment. This brief, but very insightful exercise allows a company to evaluate their current culture and decide how they would like to proceed.  Kenna Consult supports clients at various levels of engagement including:

  • Culture assessment (current and/or future desired culture)
  • Mission, vision, and core value definition
  • Culture realignment activities, including reengineering of hiring processes and/or leadership assessments and coaching
  • Full culture transformation
  • On-going culture measurement (“what gets measured gets done”)


Strong Methodology

Our culture assessment and transformation processes and tools are highly data driven and they include best practices from top experts in this space. Our assessment tool uses a bottoms up approach that allows the data to tell the story of “how things are done around here.” Other firms use a more qualitative approach that relies on senior leaders to assess the culture of the entire organization.


Our consultants have extensive experience on the recruiting side of our business. They have been highly successful in understanding our clients’ corporate cultures and matching them with the right candidates. This, paired with formal training by academic and industry leaders on various culture assessment and transformation methods, offers our clients a unique perspective over other consulting firms.

Competitive Costs

Our low overhead structure allows us to provide our services at a much lower rate than larger consulting firms.


We tailor our deliverables specifically to what the client needs. We can do anything from a quick culture assessment, to a full culture transformation.

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